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Sexy legal eagle Jack Montgomery!






In 1990, prior to getting involved with Jack, she had an affair with Tad and was pregnant with his child. She still had feelings for Adam, whom she had divorced and Adam knew it. Adam used Arlene to purchase drugs so he could plant them on Trevor. It was his payback for convincing Adam he was the father of Brooke's child. Meanwhile, Arlene got smashed when she learned of Adam's intentions and Hayley jumped in the car with her mother. Jackson wondered what Brooke and Tom's sudden rush to get married was all about. As Brooke and Jackson argued in the car, Arlene came careening at them. Jackson was relatively unhurt, but Brooke was trapped in the car with a broken collar bone and foot. The paramedics managed to get Brooke out of the car just before it exploded.

Hayley took the blame for the car crash because her mother already had two DUIs. Hayley was amazed when Brooke forgave her, but Brooke knew that Hayley was truly sorry. However, that didn't stop Adam from going after Hayley. Adam proposed a deal, if Brooke got back together with him he would get the charges dropped. Brooke told him not on his wretched life. She wouldn't subject her child to Adam and she couldn't wait until she was married to Tom because then she wouldn't need a restraining order to keep Adam away because she'd have a husband. Adam warned that if she pulled away from him, he would be losing the part of him that wanted to do good, but Brooke said she didn't want that job anymore. Adam had a change of heart however when he learned Hayley was his daughter, and Arlene eventually confessed to her crime and was sentenced to jail.

Jackson also apologized for opening his big mouth. Brooke assured Jackson that their arguing didn't cause the accident. Jackson then put Jamie in Brooke's arms for the first time. Brooke came home from the hospital, but needed a lot of extra help because her arm was in a sling and her leg had a cast. Jackson, out of guilt and attraction, started hanging around more and more, but things got complicated when Brooke announced her decision to marry Tom since he now knew that Jamie was Tad's son. Brooke didn't understand why Jack couldn't be more supportive and he responded with a kiss. Brooke kissed back, but then pulled away. Jack apologized, but Tom gleaned there was an attraction between the two and backed out of the wedding.

Brooke and Jack, much to the chagrin of Aunt Phoebe, Erica and Adam, started dating. Brooke, however, pulled back when she witnessed a close moment between Jack and Erica. Brooke explained that she had already been hurt when she ignored the obvious between Tad and Dixie and she wasn't going to do that again. On the forth of July, Jack had it out with Erica and he returned to Brooke telling her that he had cleared up any unfinished business with Erica. Brooke agreed to continue her relationship with Jack, but when Jack wanted to take things to the next level, Brooke declined. Brooke told Jackson that without even realizing it, he had become a dear friend and she was scared of losing him. Jack was convinced they would be even better friends after being lovers, but Brooke wasn't sure if she wanted to take that risk. An emergency called Jack away, and Brooke was granted a reprieve. Jack came by the next day and told Brooke he forgot to tell her something last night, he forgot to say that he loved her. Brooke told him that as sweet as those three little words were, that wasn't necessarily going to get them into bed together. Jack assured Brooke that he wasn't just trying to get into her bed, but rather into her heart. Jack kissed Brooke good-bye and she ushered him out because Natalie's bridal shower was about to start.

Brooke called Jack over because she couldn't get Jamie to sleep. Jack serenaded the little tyke and then he and Brooke got busy on the couch. Brooke pulled away and Jack thought it was another no-go until Brooke nodded for him to join her in the bedroom. After making love, Brooke told Jack that she loved him. Jack loved her too and he wanted her to believe that. She did and they made love again. Meanwhile, Erica got wind of how well Brooke and Jackson's relationship was going and decided that she wanted Jack back.

Jack proposed marriage with a legal document. Brooke did love Jack, but she didn't think they were ready to take that next step. She signed the document with XOXOs and a maybe. Brooke then told Jackson that he could still spend the night, which satisfied him temporarily.

When Erica decided to get involved with the landfill project, Brooke suspected that it was only because Jack was also involved. Brooke decided to fight fire with fire and use her feminine wiles to keep Jack away from Erica. She kept him very sexually active, she even went as far as pretending to be a robber breaking into Jacks office. She offered him a licorice gun, a trench coat and a teddy. Their evening was going well until Adam showed up. Adam asked to speak to Brooke alone. To Jack's surprise, Brooke agreed. Adam, who was now interested in Erica, forewarned Brooke that Erica was up to something. Sure enough, Opal came bounding in the office with some ludicrous story that Erica was in trouble. No one believed Opal, and Adam was sent to "protect" Erica. Erica was not happy to see him or happy to hear that Brooke and Jack were having a wonderful time. Brooke, however, was not happy when Erica managed to get herself arrested and Jack had to come to her rescue.

Finally, Brooke discovered that Enchantment owned one of the biggest landfills in the area, which was in direct contradiction to the environmental committee Erica was on. Brooke intended on printing it in Tempo magazine, which pissed off Jackson when he found out about it. Instead it was revealed at the Charity Ball. Brooke and Jack called it quits, and he went to New York with Erica where he discovered everything Brooke was claiming about Erica was true. He returned to Brooke, but she slammed the door in his face. Brooke was angry at Opal for treating her like an object that had no feelings. She came over to her house and marveled over Jamie and then stabbed Brooke in the back by helping Erica. (Brooke had finally told Dixie, Opal and the Martins that Jamie was Tad's child) Opal pleaded with Brooke not to take Jamie away from her. Brooke assured Opal that wasn't her style. Now Opal really did feel bad, and wondered if there was anything she could do to help. Brooke said there wasn't. Even if Jack came crawling back, she wouldnt want him. Brooke declared that the next time she found a man she was interested in, she was going to make damn sure that Erica Kane wasnt within a country mile.

Brooke and Jack have managed to remain good friends to this day. They helped each other through heartbreak back in 1992 when Brooke was with Edmund and Jack briefly loved Angelique. When neither are in a relationship they often go to events together.


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