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Too Good to be True? Brooke and Jack.
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Soap Opera Digest Sept. 12, 1991







JB: I think I always intimated that there were(sparks).

WW: It's more than that. This is a relationship based on a really good friendship first. We never dated. We never really flirted. It was like a couple of friends out there. I kissed you good-bye once. It was a real chaste kiss on the cheek, if I recall.

JB: It's been nice. It's funny, but I wasn't aware that we had worked together so much on a different basis. When I was looking through the past year's shows, I realized how many scenes we had.

WW: None of which she used on her Emmy reel, of course.

JB: Well, I could only pick two. But I realized that the characters have had a lot of interaction for quite a long time.

WW: But it hasn't been romantic at all. You had a line the other day where you said, "I like being in love with my best friend." Remember that? That kind of sums it up. It's been more of a mental attraction than a physical one.

SOD: What made their feelings change?

JB: Jack was involved in the scenario where the woman he loved married someone she didn't love for the sake of her child because she thought it was better for the child. He saw Brooke about to do the same thing and expressed concern.

WW: Jack was concerned because of the friendship, and he started to have interaction with the kid. He really likes the kid, but Jack was kidding himself for a long time that he was going over to see the kid when, in fact, he was going over to see Brooke.

JB: If he never said anything, Brooke would have married Tom.

SOD: Should there be concern that this is a rebound relationship for both of them?

JB: I don't think that's part of it.

SOD: What if Tad came back?

WW: Someone else could ad-lib for a while.

JB: For my part, sometimes you have a deep love for somebody and it's so deep, you have to let them have happiness where you know they find it. That was resolved (Tad was about to remarry Dixie when he disappeared).

SOD: But now there's the baby.

WW: If Tad came back, Jack would probably bow out. It goes back to being involved with someone for the sake of your child. If Brooke wanted Jack to bow out, he would. If she didn't, he'd stay and fight tooth and nail because he does love Jamie, and Brooke has a much better sense of how to raise a child than Erica does.

SOD: Tad and Jack were also good friends.

WW: They've said that, but I dont think Michael Knight and I had more than four or five scenes together. He would give me love advice is what it comes down to.

SOD: How do you feel about this being another Erica cast-off thing?

JB: It's a great recycling project. It would be interesting to know what it is about the men that they are attracted to two seemingly different women. We both have a certain aggressiveness to our characters in terms of our careers, so there's that they all must find attractive.

WW (thinking hard): I think it's Erica is magnified, larger than life. Brooke has all the same traits, but pared down to mortal size. After someone is with Erica, with someone larger than life...

JB: The excitement after a while becomes, or the tension becomes you want something that is more comfortable and seemingly more real.

WW: Like a new pair of really classy shoes. They're great. But man, when you want to get home and put your slippers on...

JB: He has a line where he says, "Im really comfortable with you," and I say, "Like an old shoe," and he says, "I don't feel like going home and getting friendly with my old shoes."

SOD: With these two being so perfect where's the conflict in this relationship?

WW: Brooke's concern is that this is a rebound thing for Jack. Of course, Erica has said to her, "Another one of my cast-offs, Brooke?" There's also, I don't know, do you think Tad is dead? The conflict up to this point has been achieving compatibility with each other, working out the ground rules. The conflict, for both of us, is, "Are you sure you want to get involved?"

JB: I don't want to jeopardize what we have. When people start out as friends, and all of a sudden step over the threshold and it doesn't work out, you can lose what you had. That's something my character would be concerned with. It also would be interesting, since Brooke lost one child already, to have that enter into their relationship. Like something triggers a neurotic response in terms of how she feels about her child, and anxiety about losing another one. I don't think we know yet; I don't think they (the writers) know yet.

SOD: Julia, you said once that you thought Adam was really the only man for Brooke. Where does he come into play?

WW: Eating those words now, ain't ya?

JB: No, no, no. Its funny because I see Brooke as the kind of woman who will remain independent possibly forever. I can see in the long run this being a wonderful relationship but I dont know that Jack and Brooke will ever get married and settle down. Brooke has certain tendencies to shy away from it because she's been married twice before. I see her gradually settling with Adam, but they will never be married. I dont know why I say that, but I do.

WW: It's the Emmy club.

JB: No, there's a lot to come. Brooke has this son, the paternity of whom is still unknown to almost everyone. I see Adam coming into that.

SOD: As wonderful as this match is, what does Phoebe have against it?

JB: First of all, she thinks Tom is Jamie's father. But she's never wanted, never deviated for one minute from wanting Tom and Brooke together. In her mind, they are meant to be together no matter what. But in Brooke's mind, they will always be together. They've moved onto something deeper. They don't need to be married. It would be redundant.

SOD: What about Erica, Walt? Is it over?

WW: She blames me for the loss of her daughter, when what really happened is she lied on the stand and opened it up for me to bear witness to that. It was all her fault and that's why there hasn't been any closure. But were getting closer.

SOD: Jack has never been married. Is that going to be something he'll want to do?

WW: I hope Jack never gets married. Once you're left at the altar

JB: I dont think either one is rushing toward marriage, for their own reasons.

SOD: What about a Brooke/Jack/Erica triangle? Brooke and Erica have never really been after the same guy.

JB: I don't know if it would be in my character to see someone if I thought he was leaning toward someone else.

WW: You mean if we were in love and all of a sudden Erica decides she wants me back? If Jack were open to that, Brooke would say, Go. (As for Erica), I dont understand fighting for someone who doesnt want to be with you. But wouldn't it be nice, two women chasing one guy?

Considering Brooke's history with Erica, it's doubtful it would be nice. But it might be fun.