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Flavor of the Month-Tad Martin

Michael E. Knight

Tad Martin. Yum, yum!

Tad and Brooke when they were married.


A History of Brooke and Tad-part 1 by Allison

1990: When Brooke discovered that Rutherford Construction was using substandard materials on a building for children with special needs, she launched an investigation. To help gather evidence that Morgan Rutherford was receiving kickbacks, Brooke employed the investigating skill of Tad Martin. Tad was thankful for the work. He needed a distraction from his marital woes because thanks to Palmer's constant interference and manipulation, Dixie had left Tad and was living at Cortlandt Manor.

Under the guise of conducting an interview, Brooke managed to garner an invitation from Rutherford's wife to spend the weekend at their beach house. However, a problem arose when Loretta made it abundantly clear that her real interest lie in spending time alone with Tad. To keep Loretta off his back and elsewhere, Tad planted a steamy kiss on Brooke. Brooke went along with the charade, but things got even more complicated with Adam's unexpected arrival. Morgan didn't make the connection that Brooke was Adam's ex-wife when he invited his old buddy Adam to join them. When Adam learned that Brooke and Tad were sharing a room, he left before sunrise and went straight to Dixie. Brooke assured Dixie that Adam's overactive imagination was off base, and that the only thing going on between Brooke and Tad was an undercover investigation.

Rutherford soon caught onto the investigation and kidnapped Tad. He threatened to kill Tad if Brooke didn't kill the expose. Brooke agreed to his demands, which included a glowing rewrite and returning all evidence. With Trevor and Jeremy tracking her every move, Brooke arrived in the park, but they couldn't stop her from being abducted as well. When Rutherford learned he had been tricked and that the expose had already gone to press, he made plans to dispose of both his victims. At gunpoint, he forced Brooke and Tad to consume large quantities of alcohol until they passed out. He then placed them in Brooke's car. The rescue squad, which now also included Adam and Natalie, came upon the scene just as Brooke's car went over the cliff and burst into flames. Believing Brooke had perished, Jeremy consoled a devastated Adam as Trevor and Natalie handcuffed Rutherford and his gang.

Just as Natalie was about to notify Brooke and Tad's family of the deadly accident, the two, blitzed and singing, strolled into the cabin. Due to Tad's quick thinking, he pushed them out of the car before it crashed. When Brooke found some focus, she was angry at Adam for being there. She reminded Adam of how he succinctly ordered her to stay out of his life, and she wanted him to do the same. Natalie tried to cushion the blow by saying it was the alcohol talking, but Adam knew that just made it easier for Brooke to speak her mind. Meanwhile, Tad called Dixie, but because of his drunken state, she misconstrued his statements.

While at the hospital recuperating from minor injuries, Tad received divorce papers. Brooke found a depressed Tad in the park and they went back to his place. They commiserated over their broken hearts and shattered dreams, and a consoling kiss turned chemical. They moved things up to the bedroom. Meanwhile, through Adam Dixie learned that Palmer had pushed through the divorce despite her wishes. She read Palmer the riot act and then bolted over to the loft. When Dixie entered, she saw Tad's wedding band on the coffee table and a woman's jacket and shoes scattered around the living room. She decided to confront Tad but lost her nerve when she heard laughter wafting down from the bedroom. Dixie snuck out and confided in Adam the scene she came upon. Adam raced over to the loft and told Tad that the divorce papers were a product of Palmer's manipulations, but it was Tad who put the final nail in the coffin because Dixie overheard Tad having sex with Loretta Rutherford. Tad threw Adam out, and Brooke thanked him for not telling Adam that is was she up there. Brooke then asked Tad what he was going to do. Tad felt a little awkward discussing his marriage with Brooke since they had just gone to bed together. Brooke said she didn't want to lose Tad as a friend just because they had been lovers. Tad said he was going to go to Dixie and beg forgiveness, but he wasnt planning on getting it.

Tad was right, Dixie couldn't forgive him. Tad showed up at Brooke's place, soaked from the rain. Tad knew this was going to sound corny, but he just wanted to thank Brooke for everything she'd done. Tad said without Brooke's unwavering support he wouldn't have made it through all this. The moment turned chemical again, but Brooke pulled back. Tad agreed it probably wasn't a good idea. At the door, Tad kissed Brooke good-bye with a lover's familiarity.

Tad wasn't making any progress with Dixie, partly because he wouldn't reveal the name of the woman he slept with. A guilty Brooke offered herself up on the chopping block, but Tad didn't see the point in inflicting that kind of pain on Dixie for a one-time thing. So when Brooke admitted she couldn't stop thinking about their night together, Tad was surprised and turned on. It didn't take much convincing on Tad's part to get Brooke back in bed. After making love, Tad agreed to spend the night. As Tad drifted off to sleep, Brooke told Tad she was happy. The next morning, however, things turned ugly when Adam showed up at Brooke's door to witness a good-bye kiss between Brooke and Tad. Adam went ballistic and attacked Tad. Brooke managed to stop the fight, but she couldn't get any kind of guarantee from Adam that he wouldn't spill the beans to Dixie. Brooke left for her business trip and Tad faced the music with Dixie.

Brooke returned home to find an anxious Tad ready to pick up where they had left off. Brooke had reservations though. She was worried about Tad still being in love with Dixie, about being a substitute, and about the complications that can come when friends suddenly become lovers. Despite Tad's protests, she called it quits. To drive the point home, Brooke accepted a date with Jackson Montgomery. At the concert in the park, they ran into Tad and Ceara. Jackson made note of Brooke and Tad's bickering and later asked if their friendship had turned a corner. Brooke admitted they got too close during the Rutherford investigation, but that it was over.

Brooke received a threat during the Rutherford trial, so Tad refused to leave her side. The sexual tension was running high, and they were annoying the hell out of each other. Brooke agreed to dinner hoping it would get Tad off her back, but the tension only escalated when they bumped into the newly engaged Adam and Natalie. Brooke played good sport and congratulated the happy couple, but Tad called her on it. Tad thought it was a sick joke that they couldn't be together because he still had feelings for Dixie when it was just as obvious to him that Brooke was still in love with Adam. Tad said Brooke was retreating from life as a way of protecting herself, figuring if she didn't let anyone close enough to her, then she couldn't get hurt. The only problem with living life on the sidelines was that she was going to get very, very bored. With that, Tad laid a passionate kiss on Brooke and she readily responded.

Tad convinced Brooke to go public with their relationship. At Nico's club, they ran into an appalled Aunt Phoebe. Brooke didn't care what her aunt thought. She was going to pursue a relationship with Tad because he made her happy. Aunt Phoebe later told Tad he was an idiot if he couldn't see that Brooke was falling in love with him. When Tad pressed the issue with Brooke, she admitted her aunt was right, even though they had agreed on a no-strings relationship. Tad couldn't say he loved her back, but he was right where he wanted to be.

On the night Tad's marriage officially ended, Brooke attacked Adam with the smear article because he had tried to use Tempo for his own personal propaganda. Adam vowed to pay Brooke back, but was secretly impressed. Brooke and Tad got up the next morning and made love one more time, and Jamie was conceived. Dixie was kidnapped, Tad rescued her and then came back to end things with Brooke. Brooke freely let him go, with no guilt. After he walked out the door, Brooke said she got exactly what she deserved.

Brooke and Tad continued their friendship as Tad and Dixie planned their wedding. On the day Tad and Dixie were to be remarried, Billy Clyde set up a trap and lured Tad onto the Lockport Bridge. After a struggle and explosion, both men were thrown into the rough waters. Billy Clydes body was recovered, but only Tad's belongings were found including the wedding bands. Brooke learned of the accident and fainted. When she came to, Tom comforted her as she recalled the news of Tads death.

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Tad and Brooke's son, Jamie Martin.

Brooke was there for Tad in Switzerland when Dixie died.

And Tad was there for Brooke in NV when she found out the love of her life's wife was still alive.

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