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Yummy Tom Cudahy! Brooke's first husband.





1980: Erica left town in hopes of making it big as a movie star. In her absence, Brooke and Tom grew closer. Unfortunately, Erica's attempt at stardom flopped. She moved back to Pine Valley and used every trick at her disposal to come between Tom and Brooke. Afraid he wouldn't approve of her latest scheme to become famous, Erica lied to Tom about her frequent trips to New York. When Tom found out that Erica had betrayed him once again, he went ahead with his plans to marry Brooke.

1981: This was the year of Brooke and Tom. They were married after his annulment to Erica became final. Tom arrived at Brooke's place in the middle of the night with a priest in tow. Brooke's pajamas and terry cloth robe served as her wedding gown. However, the newlyweds didnt have an easy time of it when Brooke made the horrifying discovery that the woman she believed to be her mother, Peg English, was actually the head of an international drug cartel and went by the name Cobra. Peg resented raising another woman's child so much that she even went as far as trying to kill Brooke and Tom. Luckily, the good guys prevailed with Brooke and Tom surviving the murder attempt and Peg ending up in jail.

1982: Tom and Brooke's marriage remained on track.

1983: Working at the Pine Valley Bulletin, Brooke's journalistic career took off. The story that put her on the map - Erica accidentally shot and killed her lover Kent Bogard. Brooke spotted Erica who was running from the law and struck a deal for an exclusive interview of Erica's story.

1984: Brooke's first run in with millionaire Adam Chandler. Adam wanted to build a controversial gambling mall in Pine Valley. Brooke spearheaded a grassroots movement that eventually passed a referendum making gambling illegal in Pine Valley. On the homefront, Brooke's marriage was in trouble. Tom's old college roommate, Gil Barrett, was obsessed with Brooke and tried to rape her. Even though Tom refused to believe Brooke's version of what happened, she was willing to give the marriage another chance when she discovered she was pregnant. She soon changed her mind though upon learning that a drunken Tom slept with Erica. An alcoholic Tom drowned his sorrows in booze while Brooke turned to Mark Dalton for comfort. As Brooke's Lemaze partner, Mark was by her side when she gave birth to her daughter, Laura. Ironically, the ink on Brooke and Tom's divorce papers set only moments after the delivery.

Brooke and Laura

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