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Brooke and Erica

Soaps In Depth Jan. 18, 2005
Erica Vs. Brooke

Way Back When: It may have been Erica's fault that her marriage to Tom Cudahy fell apart (the new disco owner did take birth-control pills when her then-hubby thought they were trying to conceive), but she's always blamed Brooke for the debacle. Upon returning to Pine Valley following a brief jaunt to Hollywood to find a new career, Erica learned Tom had found new love with his fiery, redheaded new Goalpost employee.

We'll Never Forget: Over the years, the dueling divas came to have more in common than they'd like... namely numerous mutual husbands and lovers! But their most stunning moment was the day they actually put away the claws and joined forces in the name of motherhood. Together, they worked to free David Hayward from jail so that he could perform surgery on Brooke's ailing daughter, Laura.

Where Are They Now: It seems Erica's got a lock on the heart of Brooke's former flame, Jackson Montgomery. Meanwhile, perennially single Brooke's thoughts are occupied by the well-being of her wayward son, Jamie. Could it be that these longtime rivals will continue minding their own bee's wax? Nah! What would be the fun in that?



Brooke and Erica have always been flush with excitement from bumping into one another in the ladies' room. Harsh words are inevitably exchanged.


Despite Jack's involvement with Erica, he and Brooke have remained good friends.


When Erica gave up Jack, he gravitated toward her kinder, gentler counterpart, Brooke.

Brooke and Mark Dalton.

Even before Tom, Brooke made Erica jealous by monopolizing half brother Mark's time.

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